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About the Author

This is me, Mike Matthews. Poet, pilot, portrait-artist and private person.  


A writer throughout both my professional and my private life, I started writing poetry a couple of years ago and now I can't stop. 


You will see that every poem goes with a picture, some taken by me and some not. Sometimes the picture sparks the poem, sometimes the other way round. 


Latterly, the pictures (particularly portraits) have started taking over a bit from the poems. Now, after a year of art classes, I am trying to put on some artistic muscle and the website now reflects this. 


I hope you enjoy dipping in and out of the collection. You can sign up if you'd like to know when I post new pictures and poems. You can also see all the pictures on Instagram (@thepointypoet) which will provide a feed, or course, if you follow me there. 


You can read more about me here if you like.

Pointy Poems, Poems with a point
Pointy Poems, Poems with a point
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